Three words to describe this Bhai Tea teh tarik ‘Power!’ and ‘Super Shiok!’. Soooo gooood!

Highly recommended! In fact, probably one of the best tea tarik tea dust out there in the market!

I used to purchase boxes and boxes of my fav teh tarik tea bags/dust from Sheng Shiong in Singapore and lugged them back here. Alas, this @bhaitea_sg now tops my fav and readily available at @themunchiesgang.au.

Thank you @themunchiesgang.au for the sample bag (so glad we got another bag!). The tea dust comes in a slick, quality packaging (degassing valve, ziplock, environmental friendly and waterproof) that is resealable and can maintain freshness/prevents staleness.

The tea dust has a strong floral fragrance that transported me back to that tiny whole-in-the-wall Bhai Sarbat Tea shop on Bussorah Street in Singapore. So easy to make, you can’t go wrong as the product itself is so good. There’s a video available on @themunchiesgang.au page if you need a foolproof recipe. We skipped the evaporative milk and added 2.5-3 tablespoons of Nestle Condensed Milk and that was enough to bring it home! FYI, you’ll need tea sock or strainer (we used one from Kmart, find the strainer with the tiniest holes. If you know where to get tea socks, please msg us!). The tea is full bodied, creamy, fragrant and hit that spot in your mouth. Even the colour and consistency is perfect.

Don’t wait anymore, lah. Order now! Get them from @themunchiesgang.au!