Popular Questions

What type of Tea is Bhai Tea Teh Tarik Dust?

Bhai tea teh tarik dust is a product of black tea leaves

Why is there a credit card surcharge?

Most shops utilise a third party service to fulfill payments. These services incur surcharge fees for each transaction to the third party service provider.

Why are there separate charges for shipping?

Some of our products are kept in our storage facility in Perth like teas and coffees. Other products like mugs and bottles are stored at our manufacturer’s warehouses located in different place around the world depending on the product. To reduce handling fees, we have organised with the manufacturer to ship directly to you and each of them offer different rates of shipping.

What if I’m not home when my package arrives?

For your Tea and Coffee dust, we wrap your goods in a water resistant satchel and will notify the courier to leave it in a safe place by your front door.

For Cups and Mugs, it may be returned to a post office near your area where you can pick it up from.

Tracking id’s will be sent to you to keep you updated on the arrival of your goods.

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