How To Make Nanyang Kopi (Traditional Singapore/Malaysian Coffee) – 7 Simple Steps DIY

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Nanyang (south-sea in Mandarin) Kopi is a traditional type of coffee served in Singapore and Malaysia at local kopitiams (coffee shops). Typically served for breakfast, but most drink it at night aswel while they lepak with the members (chilling with mates).

Bhai Nanyang Kopi features a blend of specialised coffee powder with unique flavour, fragrant aroma, smooth texture and a kick!

Bhai Kopi Nanyang Kopi is fine grounded and can be made using a fine mesh strainer or a muslin kopitiam sock.

One pack of these can serve you around 50 cups. Perfect for “lepak” gatherings at your place with family and friends.

This kopi will give you a boost in energy and increase your focus levels.

In this article you will learn the step by step to make your own Nanyang Kopi at home.

Equipments List:

  1. Bhai Kopi Nanyang Kopi Coffee Dust
  2. Condensed Milk or Sweetener Milk
  3. Evaporative Milk
  4. Table Spoon
  5. Pot/Steel Jug
  6. Tea or Coffee Strainer/Filter/Sock
  7. Serving Jug (atleast 1L capacity)
  8. Stove

Serves: 2-3 Cups

STEP 1 – Boil 700mL of water in a pot/steel jug

Turn on your stove at maximum and place 700mL of water in your pot/jug over the fire. Leave it there until the water starts to boil. 

STEP 2 – Add 2 tablespoons of Bhai Kopi Nanyang Kopi Coffee Dust

Turn down the heat to minimum and add 2 table spoons of Bhai Kopi Nanyang Kopi Coffee Dust (2 heaped tablespoons if you like it strong) into the boiling water and stir well. 

STEP 3 – Add 4 tablespoons of condensed milk

Pour the condensed milk onto your tablespoon over the pot/jug and simply turn the spoon over to pour it in. Do this 4 times to add the 4 tablespoons of condensed milk into the water and stir it well. Its ok if some of the condensed milk pour in from the can as you turn the spoon. The recipe in this article is not too sweet and allows for extra sweetening if required. 

STEP 4 – Add 3 tablespoons of evaporative milk

Measure 3 tablespoons of evaporative milk and pour it into the mixture. Stir it well after adding it to the mix.

STEP 5 – Strain/Filter the coffee dust into a jug

Have your Jug (atleast 1L capacity) ready in the sink with the cover open (to prevent the spilling and mess) and your filter/strainer/sock in place on the jug. Carry your pot/steel jug from the stove and pour the kopi (coffee) into your prepared jug with filter/strainer/sock. Once you’ve poured it all in, take the strainer off and dispose the kopi dust (good for plant fertiliser) and wipe down your jug if there was some mess. 

STEP 6 – Pull the Nanyang Kopi (Coffee) into your mug/cup

This part is optional, but will give your kopi better texture. Start close to your mug and pour the kopi very slowly whilst slowly lifting the Jug away from the cup as you get the kopi pouring more fluently. This make the froth on your kopi (icing on the cake) that adds to the taste. keep pouring until your mug is full. 

BE AWARE! you will get splashes coming out the mug.

Disclaimer: It is at your own personal risk as to how high you attempt to pull the kopi to look cool! we recommend for beginners to practice at lower levels and in a sink. 

STEP 7 – Serve the Bhai Kopi Nanyang Kopi (Singaporean/Malaysian Coffee)

You now have a hot, delicious mug/cup of frothy Nanyang Singaporean/Malaysian Kopi ready to be served.

Best enjoyed while its hot and frothy! 


Congratulations you now know how to make Nanyang Kopi (Singaporean/Malaysian Coffee) from home that you can enjoy everyday, at any occasion.

To get your pack of Bhai Kopi Nanyang Kopi Coffee Dust used in this recipe, you can follow through to this link. CLICK HERE!

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